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I'm asking about trainers with unique sprites that players battle before the champion. This obviously includes gym leaders, Kahunas, rivals, antagonist leaders, Elite Four, and the champion, but also includes miscellaneous stuff like Eusine and Wally. Please don't question my curiosity.
Edit: Some other question said that Cynthia's Garchomp in DPPt has perfect IVs.

closed with the note: Very trivial and finding an answer would take too much work for what it's worth.
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Why do you keep asking impossible questions knowing no one is going to bother looking up the answer? You have by far the most unanswered questions on this site, maybe that's a sign that you have to look up the information yourself?
Close this question please. I'm tired of this question clogging up my updates page.
I cannot possibly comprehend the purpose of knowing this, and I think it's almost ironic you ask us to not question your curiosity, as if you know this question and the knowledge behind it is completely uneeded
It's up to PM to decide if super technical or specific questions are allowed, should be hidden or given to auth discretion. Until we have confirmation nothing will be hidden.
Here's part of the answer: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/280696/