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I'm asking about trainers with unique sprites that players battle before the champion. This obviously includes gym leaders, Kahunas, rivals, antagonist leaders, Elite Four, and the champion, but also includes miscellaneous stuff like Eusine and Wally. Please don't question my curiosity.
Edit: Some other question said that Cynthia's Garchomp in DPPt has perfect IVs.

closed with the note: Very trivial and finding an answer would take too much work for what it's worth.
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I only know one Trainer, who is obviously Cynthia with her Max IV Garchomp.
Wait… what do you mean by "IVs"? It seems like you're asking how many unique trainer sprites are used in the games.
IVs are integers that range from 0 to 31 that affect Pokemon stats. Each Pokemon has 1 IV per stat, which are determined when the Pokemon is created and can't be changed.
Doesn't Ghetsis have a 6IV Hydreigon?
This is a huge question. I think you would have more luck getting answers if you break it up into a bunch of smaller questions.
It'd still require knowing all the IVs which no one apparently does
You do realise this is a biiiig question? It'll take pages, and the too much research.
Yeah, you're right. I'm going to flag this to get a mod's attention.
Still don't have confirmation on whether or not we're supposed to hide these questions or not.
Maybe ask a Meta question if someone haven't already?
One was made some time ago, we'll probably bring it back up again at some point.
This question's not really useless, though. If I get an answer, then I might use it to do damage calculations.
I kind of always just assumed they were random, but now that I think about it I guess there's gotta be a constant from game to game or it would be unfair. Great question, you blew my mind. Think you're gonna have to ask Masuda.
Looks like someone has already asked, "what IV's and EV's do NPC trainers' Pokémon have?" As well as,  "if NPC Pokémon have preset IV's what are those IV's?" I'm about to check them out myself... EDIT: yeah, nothing helpful. I just don't see how someone could really answer that question without some sort of hacking or program access.
They do have pre-set IVs, and some people can hack their games and see the IVs. I'm pretty sure this is true because I see people talk about it on Smogon.
You can't really expect someone else to dedicate days to answering this question. If you really want an answer you probably have to do the research yourself, or ask about a specific trainer. Even looking up the IVs of all "special" trainers in one generation would have been time consuming, but you're asking about 5 generations.
I can't ask a question just because it might not get an answer?
Sure you can ask it. What I am saying is that it is an overly complicated question and you should not expect an answer. I doubt that you really want the information in the first place. If you did you would put some time into researching it yourself, because no one else is going to bother spending their free time on this.
I'm used to not getting answers. It's okay.
Why do you keep asking impossible questions knowing no one is going to bother looking up the answer? You have by far the most unanswered questions on this site, maybe that's a sign that you have to look up the information yourself?
Close this question please. I'm tired of this question clogging up my updates page.
I cannot possibly comprehend the purpose of knowing this, and I think it's almost ironic you ask us to not question your curiosity, as if you know this question and the knowledge behind it is completely uneeded
It's up to PM to decide if super technical or specific questions are allowed, should be hidden or given to auth discretion. Until we have confirmation nothing will be hidden.
Here's part of the answer: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/280696/