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I have a Blastoise, and it knows Surf, Ice Beam, Eartquake and Skullbash. I want to get rid of Skullbash, but I don't know what a good replacement would be. It's EV trained with 252 SA/ 128 SD/ 126 D.
btw Its in-game.

Rather than 128/126 on each defenses, 252hp would be better, since it reduces damage percentage from both atk and spatk
Anyway, what game is it? BW, XY?
Yeah but its base defenses are higher.
X. look at the tag.
Higher base defenses? Then it is even more reasonable to give EV on hp.

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Well since you can't give Blastoise Dragon Pulse or Aura Sphere because it only knows these moves by breeding, and because you have Ice Beam I would give it Dark Pulse.

Blastoise can learn Dark Pulse by TM97 in Pokémon X and Y. Dark Pulse is a really good move for Blastoise, especially Mega Blastoise as it gets boosted by Mega Launcher. It also has a 20% chance to flinch and is super effective against Ghost and Psychic types. With that being said if you were to send in Blastoise with an entry hazard on your side of the field, some players may predict you to go for Rapid Spin to clear away the entry hazards. So they could decide to counter you by switching into a Ghost type, as Rapid Spin doesn't work against Ghost types. You can then surprise them by using a super effective Dark Pulse against them.

It will also come in handy against the following Elite 4 Members and Diantha's Pokémon:

Malva's Chandelure
Wikstrom's Aegislash
Siebold's Starmie
Diantha's Gourgeist
Diantha's Gardevoir

Hope I helped :)

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Ooh dang, you have actual reasoning other than a Mega Launcher boost. +1 bro.
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I'm going to suggest a few possibilities.

  1. Assuming that you Mega-Evolve your Blastoise, I'd suggest using a move that utilizes the Mega Launcher Ability. So I'd suggest Dark Pulse or Flash Cannon, which would make it viable against Diantha's Mega-Gardevoir.

  2. If it's not a Mega, or you just don't care about the Mega Launcher boost, I'd suggest Hidden Power (depending on the moves' type) or a status move, such as Toxic, Protect, or Double Team.

Thanks! I think I'll go with Dark Pulse.
Thanks but your answer is also good +1 :)
He chose Dark Pulse, that's all that matters haha