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I know the creators of the game made a cheat for catching pokemon so you can't fail (I'm not talking about master balls). Its probably some sort of combination of buttons.

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In the original games (Red/Blue) it was reported to be the A button, if you pressed it while the poke ball closes you had a higher chance of catching the pokemon. It did seem to work when I did it...most of the time.

I heard a rumour that Up+B does the same in HG/SS but haven't tested it. I think though you're better off using normal methods like getting their health down and giving them a status condition.

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I prees a+b .Sometimes it works.

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well, i do not Know if this works for everyone but it does for me. If you press "a" and let the ball wiggle, then press "b" and let it wiggle again, Then press "y" and let it wiggle again, and press "X" and it is yours. For me, i would estimate that it increases your chances of catching it by 5 or 10%.

Is that true?
Works when I try it