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The move does, but it isnt a TM anymore...:(

If you want to teach it to a Pokemon that doesn't learn by level up you need to breed.

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The move isn't a TM anymore in Pokemon Black and White and can only be learned by LVing up or by Breeding....


Omg that totally SUCKS!!!  I am seriously going to say something about this before they release the game!!! (PS, what's the new TM 79? If ya know, feel free to post!)
It is Ice Breath
That's it? Ice breath? Wow. Like ice beam, blizzard, and avalanche weren't enough >:(
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You can get the move dark pulse in black 2 and white 2 with out breeding or levleing up by going to lentimas town and going into the move tutors house (wich is the t
op left house) and speaking with the old man, you will need x10 blue shards. The move dark pulse is the last move on his list. Hoped this helped :-)