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First of all, what is the "picture" it makes? Second, is there a special reason for the picture\lack of bushes?

What do you mean???
Im sorry but I don't understand
When I talk to some of the people in the area, they mention something causes the gaps in the row and one says that the design is on the shirt of his grandfather.  I'm just wondering if there is an actual picture made out of the bushes and if there was a specific cause for the reason in game.
Sorry but I don't get what you mean
The path, without bushes, may make a design and I want to know what kind of design it makes.
L know what you mean.
l just forgot what it was.

He's saying in Fire Red, does the area 'Pattern Bush' make a picture if seen in an aerial view for example.
I STILL don't get it!!!

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Gamefreak wanted to put celebi in the paten bush.But Gamefreak didn't put celebi in the game so the patern bush isn't very important.....So if you find a picture you can try to look for the word celebi

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Copy-pasting stuff from Bulbapedia is usually the easiest way to answer questions. This question is not an exception.

An intriguing aspect of Pattern Bush is the mysterious empty patches of ground. No reason for this phenomenon is given, although the Trainers battling there have their own suspicions. It may be a reference to the Nazca Lines or crop circles. Looking at the overhead map causes the area to resemble an integrated circuit, or more specifically, a printed circuit board.


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This is just speculation, but I think it's a subtle reference to the CPU cartridges of the games. If you look at the entire picture from above, it looks like a game cartridge or a circuit board, as already mentioned. The games themselves, especially the original games, also had a lot of glitches, hence why there are so many "bugs" AKA bug Pokemon there. It took me forever to put the concept of bugs plus the imagery of a CPU together.