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What the heck. I went through the Team Flare HQ in Pokemon X and battled Xerneas... and it is flipped upside-down, is shiny and level 100... I resetted the game and Xerneas was walking upright again. What I want to know is if it's a glitch or bug or possibly just a programmer being extremely generous...

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Probably just some insane glitch. I have never heard of anything like this however. You should probably make baby steps when playing the game, otherwise this glitch can happen again.
I converted your answer because it was more of a "My best guess is" kind of answer. And that's not the best kind. The best kind would be one that works out all the potential things that could have caused it (i.e. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/197179/how-did-mega-heracross-outspeed-my-mega-alakazam?show=197184#a197184 ) which would help the questioner determine whether it was a bizarre out of the blue glitch, or if something actually caused it.
you should have caught it
can i have a picture of this glitch? just curious...
I did catch it... and I have misplaced my camera, so I can't really takes pictures...

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I think this means your lucky Game Freak does make Glitch Games I saw a game of BW2 with a level 100 shiny Kyurem when he got to fight it, Amazing

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That does seem fairly correct :3