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What games got bonuses and what were they? They differ from retailer to retailer, so some games have more than one bonus.

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Could you give us an example?
I think X/Y came with a poster when you bought it from GameStop. I think.
I think pre orders of B/W 2 could get you a Zekrom or Reshiram toy, but I'm not sure if this is correct :F
Well Game Srop in Sweden isn't generous
X&Y pre-order got me stickers and a poster.
Its probably different depending where you get your game from.  The only time ive ever gotten anything was a stylus from buying Diamond from game stop.

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Your curiosities shall be lifted with this wonderful Bulbapedia page. :D
Note that some shops may not be accounted for, like CWegz said, it may vary depending on which shop you got it from.

Hope I helped. :)

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