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Like peashooter from Plants vs. Zombies resemblances Bellsprout to , any other?
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Not sure if this is against the rules though

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This question wouldn't go in Meta, or Battle subway, so this is probably the best place to ask on Pokebase. I wonder who copied who with this look alike (Peashooter-Bellsprout)? They're so close, someone had to have copied.

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Right so before I try answer this

In all honesty, you will never get a full answer to this. There are probably millions of games, animes, tv shows and the all put together. No single person would probably be able to go through this in their lifetime, and be able to pick out similarities.

My answer will be quite general. I have some specific ones, but the most will be ridiculously general - this is because something like Pidgey would be similar to any small bird in any game out there. Some Pokemon designs are ridiculously generic, can can be therefore said to be similar to a massive amount of things

Albatoss (Mario) and Fearow
Crippo (Mario) vs Hippopotas
Red Eyes Black Dragon (Yu Gi Oh) vs Zekrom
Blue Eyes White Dragon (Yu Gi Oh) vs Reshiram
Pea Shooter (PvZ) vs Bellsprout
Sunflower (PvZ) vs Sunflora
Kurama (Naruto) vs Ninetales
Ling Ling (Drawn Together) vs Pikachu
Gigue (Earthbound) vs Mewtwo
Titanic Ant (Earthbound) vs Durant
Mischievous Mole (Earthbound) vs Drilbur
Every Octupus in any game vs Octillery
Any small bird in any game (Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, Tiny Wings etc.) vs Pidgey and Natu (They're "Tiny Bird Pokemon" ffs)
Every cog in real life or in any game that you will ever see vs Klinklang, Klang and Klink
Every boulder, rock or pebble in history vs Geodude, Graveler, Golem (Come on, they're just rocks with arms)
Every Digimon
Every Bakugan
Every monster from Dragon Quest

Yeah I'll add more, feel free to contribute other people :I

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Machop=Every little munchkin on earth, Machoke=Their parents?
Digimon are kind of weird. What's with all of their evolving?
I think hawlucha and trevenant also has a similarity from another game.
I could be wrong
Kirby vs Jigglypuff
Both a pink puffies
Trevenant vs Treant (found in lots of games)