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Some examples include:
Psychic-types being immune to Ghost-types in Gen 1.
Fire-types not resisting Ice-types in Gen 1.
Steel-types resisting Ghost- and Dark-types in Gens 2-5.
Poison- and Bug-types being weak to each other in Gen 1.

If there are any more "oversights" that I did not mentioned above, please let me know.

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Thanks to sumwun for the links. The "oversights" that I mentioned above are listed on these lists as well as more glitches. Now, here are lists of every glitch in every Generation of the Pokémon games.

Gen 1 Glitches
Gen 2 Glitches
Gen 3 Glitches
Gen 4 Glitches
Gen 5 Glitches
Gen 6 Glitches
Gen 7 Glitches