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What I mean is, if I catch a Pokemon at higher than level 50, is there any point in EV training it if I'm going to put it into a WiFi battle? Would the EVs still affect it when its bought down to level 50? Or does it just make the Pokemon exactly how it was as level 50?


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Actually EV training makes it stronger stat wise whatever lv if you train enough. So we say you caught a Lv 62Pokemon. You take it to a WiFi battle and it gets to lv 50 Without EV training. You lose we say but this time you EV train in speed and Atk for an example. This time the Pokemon is much stronger than it was before so the EVs would still have the same affect.

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Also, would EV training level 100 Pokémon work? Does it need to level up for the evs to take affect?
Yes you can EV train lv 100pokemon but I assume you must get a reset bag to erase those un-needed EVs and start from the begining