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Well, I know from another question that when you use moves like Sword Dance that increase your Pokemons stats and then switching it out, those stats fell again to normal,unless you pass them out to your next Pokemon via Baton Pass.But my question is, when I use moves like Close Combat or Draco Meteor that after attack decrease a Pokemons stats, or even if my Opponents Pokemon has intimidate or use moves like Tickle, and then I switch out,will then the stats increase back to normal again or they will stay low until the end of battle?


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When a Pokémon is withdrawn, all of its stat changes, type changes, Ability changes, moves learned via Mimic, and volatile status conditions are removed.

(yes, I was the one who added this information to the page. I can give a better source if you still don't believe me)

Thank you very much for the answer :)