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Let's say I'm battling a trainer with Scarfchomp (I have a Shuckle) and we both switch out. Who would switch out first? Does switching out have anything to do with Speed?
Like since Garchomp is faster that Shuckle, would Garchomp switch first since it's faster?

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What is a scarfchomp?
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A scarfchomp is a garchomp with a choice scarf
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The faster Pokemon would switch out first. So, Scarfchomp would switch out first, then your Shuckle. This also applies to the start of the battle. If at the start of the battle I sent out a ScarfTar and my foe sent out Politoed, then my Sand would set up, and Rain over it. (Just a little lesson.) This is the reason I despise ScarfTar.

In Short

Faster Pokemon switch first.

Source: Extensive experience and failure with ScarfTar.

That means an easy switch to a Ferrothorn. THANKS!
No problem, just don't ever, EVER use ScarfTar!
Lol, I'd like to meet the poor chap that sends a ScarfTar on me, oh wait...