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Pokemon examples for each stat would be really cool :)

im pretty sure the highest is 7 on stats other than HP, ill try to get a source.

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Ok, so what I did was research "Pokemon with highest HP, Atk, Sp. Atk, Def, Sp. Def, & Speed. For HP was Blissey, Atk was Ramparados, Def & Special Def was Shuckle, Sp. Atk was Alakazam and for Speed was Jolteon. So from there I took their offspring so Chansey, Cranidos, still Shuckle, Abra, & Jolteon ( you can have a Lvl 1 Jolteon). So here are their stats:

With 31 IVs and 252 EVs with beneficiary Natures at Lvl 1

HP- Chansey = 16
Atk - Cranidos = 8
Defense - Shuckle = 11
Sp. Atk - Abra = 7
Sp. Def - Shuckle = 11
Speed - Jolteon = 8

EDIT : (It just occured to me that you could recieve Palkia or Dialga at Lvl 1 in HG/SS so ...

Sp.Atk - Dialga & Palkia = 8 )

Source: Marriland's Stat Calculator, Serebii's Top 100 Lists

Hope I've Helped :)

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stat, Pokemon, stat #
Hp, Chansey, 16
Attack, deoxys attack, 8
Defense, shuckle, 11
Special Attack, deoxys attack, 8
Special Defense, shuckle, 11
Speed, deoxys speed, 8

Hope I helped!
Source: http://www.legendarypokemon.net/dp/pokedex

>actually mega aggron has 11 def and is tied with shuckle (so his is wrong)
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Added it in there, thanks tazzie!

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So? You still have the stat
by that logic, blissey should be there over chansey, as it reaches 17 (but you have to hack to get that too) but i agree with quagmire, you still have the stat.
If Deoxys get here then Mega-Aggron with 10 Def
actually mega aggron has 11 def and is tied with shuckle (so his is wrong)
Deoxys A has a maximum of 9 SpA and 9 Atk, and deoxys S has a maximum of 9 speed (from showdown).