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I was Ev training my cloned Groudon on psyducks and his special attack went up 18 points. Is this a glitch or because hes cloned or normal?

How many Psyducks did you face? Also, was it an untrained Groudon you cloned it from?
Bout 300. Yes, read my comment below your answer.
to get a really high gain, get a pokemon with great health (ex: blissey, alomomola)make it have a health EV,and you may gain alot! with my alomomola, he didn't have a hp ev, but still gained 10+ on some levels. even 15 at one point.

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Nope. Legendaries usually have high stat gain. However, you do bring up an interesting point. Do cloned Pokemon have a chance to gain all EVs again? However, high stat gains for un-EV trained high level Pokemon is normal. I've gotten a +22, and heard of a +30.

All right, I cloned him at lvl 72 and caught him at lvl 70 so he ha very few evs. And didnt pokemaster mention somewehere, a magikarps attack going up 30?
That's where I heard it. So if he was a clone of a Pokemon caught at level 70 and you are training him on wilds, because it takes so much exp. to gain a level, you got a huge EV gain.
Alll right thats what I thought. Just wanted to make sure that being a clone didnt effect his evs. If it did, I would have stopped using him.
Do you know why I lost like 50 points? When I got on this morning, I was below 10000!
I know. Sometimes when I wake up, I find all my questions in the negative for points. I think we should have to comment before we are able to vote, might help some.
Really, thats incredible! You ask some of the best questions on the site and theyre in the negative votes even when I vote them up!
When i was ev training my Groupon his attack grew by 16, ah the days of ev training
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As mentioned in the comments, I got one of those high-level Magikarps from the resort in Platinum and evolved it into Gyarados. I did a bunch of EV training and its attack went up 28 points I think it was.

The reason: when you get EVs, they are not all added at once, they are added gradually as you level up. You normally get most of them before level 100.

For example, if you got 100 EVs at level 1 (actually impossible but just assume) then you would probably only get one extra point per level (on top of the normal points you gain anyway).

If you were level 90 and got 100 EVs in that level, you might go up 30+ in one level. If I have the patience I might try it one day, you can get really high level wild Magikarps in Platinum.

Wow, this has sneered one of my ev questions that I have had since i started ev training- will you still gain the same amount of stats if your pokemon stops ev training at lv 70 as if it had stopped ev training at lv 8 :P