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Ok I run hidden power fire on my Mega Venusaur, but whenever I battle it ends up as hidden power dragon. Dafuq? Why is this? When I go back to the teambuilding section, it says hp fire, go into another battle and its hp dragon again. Is there a way to fix this?

By the way I'm new to showdown. my name is 'so this b!tch'.
I know, mature right?

what's the IVs of the Pokemon?
IVs on Showdown! don't matter. You can choose your own HP type.
Yes they do. When you select a HP type, it changes the IVs so the Pokemon has that Hidden Power type. You can't enter Hidden Power Ice and set your IVs all to 31, for example. That'd give you Hidden Power Dark because of the IVs.
Fizz is right. I just asked in case you'd accidentally changed them, and thus setting your Hp type to something else
Were you on a different tab when doing a team edit?
Set the IVs to 31/30/31/30/31/30.  Hopefully it will work.

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You probably set the EV's so that it was 31 in all stats but 0 in Atk. This will land you with HP Dragon. I had the same problem.
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I think you mean 'IVs
Yeah, IV's. My bad.
you can set IVs?