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I want to know who in the world allowed these moves on this guy. Especially in gen IV when he can learn whirlpool.


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Game Freak did. It's kind of crazy how many moves it can learn. It can even learn electric-type and ice-type moves, which really isn't logical when you think about it because it's a Rock and Ground type. But then again, it's Game Freak, and they through logic out the window years ago...

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Game freak is not a single person O-O
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Game Freak gave them to Rhyperior. Quite simply, those moves were given to Rhyperior because Game Freak wanted it, really. Though, if you think hard enough, you can come up with a story behind some of Rhyperior's moves if you want. :3

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Im talking about WHO in game freak
If so:
1) impossible to answer
2)why do you want to know this?
3) ^
4) but seriously, how can we know excactly who gave him the moves. It can be everyone in gamefreak. Hushui hasho or kuyiresi kayokototoyo.  No one here knows and probaly neither gamefreak.
*insert random Japanese name here*, that's who.
why do you care? do you want to assassinate them?
*insert racist joke here*
A group of Game Freak people decided, I believe.