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I have no idea how to do this so can someone help.

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Megas can't hold items beside the mega stone....
 and i didnt answer i commented.
also, mega Mewtwo Y's ability is Insomnia which prevents sleep.
you realize im nearly 100% sure of one thing flower gift is included
what?! Flower gift is Cherrim's signature ability and it raises Attack not Sp.Att
A. Triple Battle
go to special att and you will see flower gift but if you click it, it does not so I got confused

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Mega Mewtwo Y
31 IVs Sp. Attack
252 Sp. Attack
Mega Mewtwo buffed +6 Sp. Attack
Max Sp.Attack=535x4=2140

Max Sp. Attack possible is 2,140 Sp. Attack from Mega Mewtwo Y

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