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I have no idea how to do this so can someone help.

Megas can't hold items beside the mega stone....
 and i didnt answer i commented.
also, mega Mewtwo Y's ability is Insomnia which prevents sleep.
you realize im nearly 100% sure of one thing flower gift is included
what?! Flower gift is Cherrim's signature ability and it raises Attack not Sp.Att
A. Triple Battle
B. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Sp._Def#Stat_modifiers  
go to special att and you will see flower gift but if you click it, it does not so I got confused

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Mega Mewtwo Y
31 IVs Sp. Attack
252 Sp. Attack
Mega Mewtwo buffed +6 Sp. Attack
Max Sp.Attack=535x4=2140

Max Sp. Attack possible is 2,140 Sp. Attack from Mega Mewtwo Y

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