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Wouldn't a "Mold Breaker" Pokemon like Ramapdos use eathquake on it and it would be super-effective ?

EDIT- Sorry I forgot to add its in 5th gen.

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What? I'm not really sure of what you're asking
Bronzong's weakness is fire correct ?
What if a mold breaker used earthquake wouldn't it be super effective ?

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Actually, In gen 6, Bronzong gets the dark and ghost weakness.
Without any mold breaker or gastro acid, etc., ground type moves wouldnt effect an levitate Bronzong, but if a ground type move actually hit Bronzong, it would be super effective.
Bronzong only has 3 Weaknesses: Fire, Ghost and Dark.

Hope I helped!

EDIT: Yes, Fire is the only weakness for a levitate Bronzong in 5th Gen

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What about on 5th gen though ?
In 5th Gen, Fire is the only weakness to a levitate bronzong
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Put simply, yes. Mold breaker earthquake would be super effective. Also don't forget it gets heatproof so fire isn't always its only weakness.

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It's only weakness isn't fire. It would be affected by Ground-type moves if you had a Mold Breaker or Teravolt Pokémon, such as Zekrom. If it's listed as its only weakness is fire on database or somewhere else, its because they aren't counting the exceptions, such as Mold Breaker. Hope this helps!