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Early So I finished Pokemon X and Y a while ago, bored I decided to restart my B2.

So I was in Castelia City. And I was under the sewers, (where you fight the two remaining Team Plasma villians.)

And I noticed tons of Zubats, and Grimers. Which is tough since I have no psychic type to deal super effective damage to them.

I haven't tried to battle Burgh for I need to level up my Growlithe, which again, is hard for the reasons above.

So if anybody knows a place I can get a psychic type early on. I'd preferably like it to be Water/Psychic for my original team plan was to have Starmie, but I don't think I can get that early on. I'd appreciate if you would take the time to tell me;

Where I can get a psychic type?

If that psychic type has a second typing?

Who it is and approximately what level it can be found at, (Range)?

EDIT I got an Eevee and am in the process of getting an Espeon, thanks to those suggestions though (I might catch a Psyduck and get a Golduck :D )

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Psyducks on the Flocessy Ranch- They learn confusion at level 15
You can just train in the Castelia Gardens against Audino in shaking grass...

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If you started with oshawott, then you have your water type. If you didn't, you can catch a psyduck at the floccesy ranch. For your psychic, catch an eevee in castelia city and level it up with a lot of happiness in the daytime, also psyduck learns confusion at level 15, like silverdragon said. Hope I helped!

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You can find Psyduck(lvl 5) and Azuril(lvl 5) in Floccesy ranch, and a Marill(lvl 10-15) in a Hidden grotto there.
You can get an Eevee(lvl 18) in Castelia city after going through the sewer and evolve it into Espeon.

That's pretty much it for what you can find early on.

Hope I helped.

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He doesn't have surf yet and you need surf to access the hidden grotto :P
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You can get a Water/Psychic Pokémon early in the game by getting a Psyduck at the Flocessy Ranch. But, an early Ground Type is Sandile on route 4, also Sandshrew is just up ahead at Relic Castle. Ground is Super Effective against Psychic. An early water type is Oshawott obviously but, the next clostest one is Ducklett on the Draftville Drawbridge.

Ground isn't super effective against Psychic ._.
Psyduck is pure Water, Golduck too