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With who should I breed Zorua/Zoroark and tell me some more:)


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The fastest way IMO should be this:
>Catch a male Vulpix
Level it up till 39 (do not evolve)
Have it learn Extrasensory
Breed it with a female Zorua
You should have an egg that has a Zorua with Extrasensory


>Sketch Extrasensory via a male Smeargle
Repeat above steps

NOTE: It is not possible to do so with Meowstic, as only the female learns Extrasensory , and it has to be male for you otherwise the resulting Pokemon will be an Espurr. The male learns Reflect instead of Extrasensory.

Hope I helped!

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Vulpix is unable to get form X/Y and from who I could Sketch Extrasensory???
if you can get your hands on a smeargle, take it to one of those battle restaurants in lumiose, and put it in a triple battle with your pokemon that knows extrasensory and sketch from this pokemon.
for vulpix, ninetails is available in friend safari.
Ok, thanks:D