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How should I EV train these Pokemon?

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Confuse Ray, Toxic, Wish, Faint Attack

Stealth Rock, Meteor Mash, Zen Headbutt, Explosion

Hammer Arm, Earthquake, Avalanche, Aqua Tail

By the way I'm playing Platinum.

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1 Answer

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Swampert, A Great Defensive Wall:
200 DEF
200 HP
108 Attack

Metagross: Change The Moveset. Earthquake Over Zen Headbutt:
252 Attack
200 Speed
52 Def

Umbreon: Curse, Swagger/Toxic, Wish/Protect, Payback
252 HP
100 Attack
100 DEF
100 SD

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Thanks, but the Umbreon suggestion adds up to 552 EVs.