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See, in the black/white pokedex they have the pokemon's base stat and a range of how high or low the stat may be at level 100 as varied by EV's and natures. Example, the graph says they have 100 attack, but may have from like 180-320 by level 100. How is the number range by level 100 related to the number on the graph?


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The numbers on the left of the graph are what's called the "base stats". They are pretty much the Pokemon's stat at level 50, without modifiers. So if a pokemon has base attack 80 and you catch it at level 50, its attack will be about 80.

The range on the right is the minimum and maximum at level 100. The stat at level 100 is approximately twice the base stat, plus modifiers.

The modifiers are things like nature, EVs and IVs.

Does the base stat show the lowest, highest, or average the stat can be at lvl 50?