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Let's say I have a Flabébé with Vine Whip and the foe uses Forest's Curse on me. Next turn I use Vine Whip, will I get STAB?

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pretty sure. I don't see any reasons why it wouldn't

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Yes Because Forest's Curse adds grass typing to your Pokemon. Like roost removes flying from a Pokemon removing flying type stab. I just know that it adds grass typing.

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Roost removes Flying Type?
yeah. the turn roost is used. not like you can use two moves on the same turn though xp
you lose flying type (and levitate affects) on the turn you use roost ,also the turn after roost.
you dont lose flying type you just lose immunity to ground type moves i believe,
Maybe,someone better test is out with flying type with roost and opponent with electric/ice type move
im 99% sure it removes flying type (and for one turn only) as I used Bug Bite on a mandibuzz after she used roost and it was superefective. maybe I just remember wrong