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Just curious, since Grass types can't be Leech Seeded.

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It would remain and the effects of Leech Seed would continue until removed by another mean.

This fact has been confirmed by various users who have tested this.

>Forest's Curse cancelling Leech Seed didn't even cross my mind.
Just levelled a Phantump to test it and can confirm that leech seed REMAINS on the opponent :)
Benzychenz, Nov 11, 2013

>Yeah, Forest's Curse won't cancel Leech Seed's effects, like how a Poison-type remains Poisoned after switching out of Soak.
Punchshroom, Nov 11, 2013

Smogon Forums o3o

Here's a quick replay of it in action

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It also stays if the pokemon who is leech seeded transforms into a grass type using transform.