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Flying pokemon could be translated into ALL flying pokemon right?

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This could be down to coincidence or logic.

If you take a bird, let's say a Pigeon.
enter image description here
They're clumsy and look pretty frail. A Pigeon isn't very bulky is it? Unlike let's say Lapras which is a whale like creature and whales are definitely bulky. So these characteristics are passed to it's Pokemon relative Pidgey. Pidgey has a HP stat of 40 which isn't as impressive as Lapras' 140 HP.
You may say that that's because Pidgey isn't fully evolved but even when it's a Pidgeot it still only has 83 HP.

So overall the reason I believe Flying types aren't very Bulky is because the type is more focused on the stem of the type (a bird) being able to fly which translates to the Speed Stat. With Flying types being fast it needs to be balanced out by a drop in the HP stat as a bulky speedster would be powerful. And of course there's the Pigeon theory as well which could explain it.

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Thanks sciz
Low hp? Where's mandibuzz? :P
well, obviously theres a few exceptions like every other type :P empoleon for example has higher sp.def than def
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Quite a few of them have a substantial amount of HP stat.

Drifblim, Lugia, Yveltal, Ho-oh, Rayquaza, Noctowl, Braviary, Honchkrow, Shaymin-Sky, Gyarados, Salamence, Dragonite,Tropius all have above 100 base stats in HP, which is considered good and in some cases, impressive.

Also, flying types have ranked seventh in all types of Pokemon in terms of HP, which is pretty decent.

All this means that while many flying types do have a abysmal HP stat, quite a few do have a (deceptively) good amount of HP.

But not many of the bird Pokemon have a good HP stat, mostly because they have hollow bones and relatively shorter lifespans compared to other animals.

Flying types doesn't always mean bird Pokemon, Pokemon like Gyarados, Dragonite and Salamence are anything but bird Pokemon.

Hope I helped!

Those were just some examples I could think of, my memory's not that perfect :P
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Flying types doesnt have that low HP stats.

enter image description here
Flying types have average 70,2 HP and ranked 7th of all Pokemon types.
Let's take a look at that compared with the highest and the lowest ranked types

enter image description here
Dragon types have average 85,1 which is 15,3 higher than 70,2

enter image description here

Bug type has the lowest HP stat 56.0 which is 14,2 less than 70,2.


Dragon types have the highest ammount of HP because most legendary Pokemon is this type also you can not find very many Pokemon of this type in the beginning of the game. Bug types are common in the beginning of Pokemon games and they do have many evolutions and bug types is recognized as weak many times. Note that most flying types have access to Roost which is a really good recovery move.

I know that there are 18 diffrent types but I didnt use fairy types because they have no average stats on this site. LINK


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70.2- 4.2=56.0?
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Well actually, on average, that isn't the lowest stat of flying Pokemon.

Average stats of flying Pokemon: HP: 70.2 Attack: 77.2 Defence: 66.6 Special attack :73.1 special defence :70.3 Speed: 83.3

So as you can see, on average, defence is actually the lowest stat of flying Pokemon. But their HP is still quite low. But I guess their average high speed makes up for that. So, maybe flying type Pokemon are made to be all round not very good at defending, with a few exceptions, because of their speed.

Source of averages information: Pokemon db flying type page