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Well, there are many ways to breed 6iv Pokemon, the easiest of them all is to have a 6iv Ditto and breed it with the Pokemon. There is another way, unfortunately these ways take a lot longer. You can breed a Pokemon with attack defense and special attack with the Destiny Knot and get those three ivs, then use that same one with another Pokemon with the other IV's. Then breed those two Pokemon and you will eventually get the 6iv Pokemon. Then you have to breed for the Nature of the Pokemon. Hope I helped!

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Having a 6 IV Ditto is REALLY rare though. Slightly less than one in a million actually.
If someone had a 6 IV Ditto, the person who owned it must have been either really lucky...
Or have used PokeGen. :|
I disagree, 6IV dittos aren't that uncommon I know quite a lot of ppl who have one but finding them I s rare, so almost every 6 iv ditto is poke genned or cloned from a pokegenned one,
And Jordan first the egg moves have to bred, then the nature has to be bred  and then the Ivs.
Yeah, that's what I mean. Catching a legitimate 6 IV ditto is very rare.
Also, the Time Machine method is extremely useful in cutting down time spent pairing parents and wishing for the best: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ObNTBeeZ5A    <= this video shows how it works and includes instructions in the description  :)
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It is possible to pass down 5 IVs to the offspring if a perfect IV parent is holding a destiny knot. Another parent with a specific stat with perfect IVs can hold an EV growth item (e.g. a Power Weight to pass down HP IVs, a Power Bracer to pass down Attack IVs, etc.) can pass down IVs in one particular stat to the offspring. If you're lucky enough, the parent with the destiny knot will pass down perfect IVs in every stat except the stat that the other parent is passing perfect IVs to.



If you're new to IV breeding, I recommend this video.