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You see, I have looked at many tutorials but the Furfou appears in the middle square in the right, instead of the middle square at the entrance, so everyone's tutorials don't work! I'm desperate at this point and I need help, please!


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All right time for some fun!

All right, first put Shauna in in the square which you step in when you first enter. Then, go up that middle path to the north, and go in Furfrou's direction. After that, take Shauna and put her at either the left or right square. Then, go up the path that Shauna isn't standing in, and you will catch Furfrou

Hope I Helped!!

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kinda difficult to understand, why not add pictures?
I tried but I couldn't find any, and I made one, but I don't know how to post it!
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See This video for how to catch Furfrou.