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In the courtyard of Parfum Palace there are four hedge mazes. To my surprise I noticed that the northeastern hedge was shaped like a Solrock. However, I couldn't make out the other three. Are they supposed to look like Pokémon as well?

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>Three of the four hedge mazes are shaped to look like a Solrock, a Chandelure, and a male Pyroar.

Yes, the hedges are supposed to look like the Pokemon, however one of the hedges is not known to be shaped like any Pokemon.

The top right is Solrock
The bottom left is Chandlure
The bottom right is the male Pyroar



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Yes, three out of four are shaped like Pokémon. Besides Solrock, the others are shaped like Pyroar (Male), and Chandelure.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Parfum_Palace