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So in Pokémon X/Y black/white you can catch many Pokémon throughout the game. If I catch some Pokémon and give them TMs, can you write a list of wild Pokémon I can use to battle gym leaders?

Basically I want to speed play Oras and I want to have pre-made gym teams.

Please keep in mind level restrictions from gym badges.


PX Note: Changed it to make it allowed, suggest Pokemon, teams and strategies to get through the game as quick as possible. You can link videos for reference but don't just have a video as your entire answer.

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I'm pretty sure you could just "speed play" the game by giving all EXP to your starter, catching a few HM slaves, and not using the EXP Share. :P

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This is what the current world record holder did. First, you have to play OR and not AS.

Choose Mudkip. Spam water gun against rock Pokemon and echoed voice against everything else until you get the TM78 bulldoze. Then spam bulldoze against everything.

When you get Latios, put it in your first slot and spam luster purge against everything, unless surf or dragon breath would be stronger.

When you get Groudon, put it in your first slot and spam earthquake or lava plume against everything. Give Groudon the red orb when you get to the Elite 4. After defeating Glacia, take off the red orb and swords dance sweep Drake and Steven.

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