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If you have already finished the game in one save file and wish to play the game again on a second save file, which mons could be used in your second save file which you can obtain from the first and transfer over via Pokemon Home and would complete the game the fastest?

^Pretend you have access to DLC Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra.

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If you are trying to speed run a second save file and you have access to a first, I’d say just max level any Pokémon from the 2nd save file using candies from the first save file. I’d probably choose to do this with a Garchomp

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Ok, so a lot of people don't know this, but if you have the Crown Tundra DLC, then you can go and catch the legendary Pokemon in the Dynamax Adventures immediately. As in, as soon as you get the Dynamax Band. As soon as you talk to Magnolia and fight Hop for the 2nd time, you can go to the Wedgehurst Station, catch the Galarian Slowpoke, and then go to the Crown Tundra. It is not necessary to win against Peony to progress in the story. So as soon as you lose to Peony you can go catch a Lvl. 60 Suicune with your OT so it will listen to you. This is by far the fastest way to progress in the game, as you are able to one-shot everything from the Pokemon in the Wild Area to Leon's team.

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