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What is the best team to speed through Pokemon Black with?

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This question specifically asks for a speedrunning strategy, not just a "good team", so I think it should be allowed. You can see past speedruns here. https://www.speedrun.com/pkmnbw1

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Someone set a new record by using a Stoutland and a Pidove.

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Dang pidove had to do me dirty like that huh
Yeah I don't know why it took this long to set this record when Pidove was obviously the coolest Unova Pokemon from the very beginning.
It's literally a pigeon xd
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Well, let's go to the world record speedrun of Pokemon Black.

His ending team before catching Reshiram is Emboar, Pansage, and Woobat, which means it was practically a solo run with Emboar using Pansage for cut and Woobat for fly.

If you didn't know, the only time an hm is needed for Pokemon black is one use of cut to enter the dreamyard. That's it. Emboar can only learn strength, but is by far the best battler to counteract the gym leaders, beating 3 of the gyms with type advantages, and 1 elite four member, as it is the only one of the started that is dual typed.

So that means that the best team to speedrun Pokemon black with is.... Drumroll please.....

And some hm slaves.

Here's the full video for reference. Hope I could help!