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I have a lvl 15 Blitzle and a lvl 15 Petilil; both might be temporary. I then have Dewott, Sawk, Roggenrola and Tranquill all lvl 21. I just defeated the 3rd Gym, and I'm wanting to get a Fire-type so that I can take care of Grass-types and Bug-types, but I have no idea what to get (or where to get it). Advice would do me a lot of good.

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Are you playing Black or White? This may affect what Pokémon are or are not available. Also, you won't really need a Fire type until the 7th Gym, and would benefit more from an Ice or Fighting type (or a Pokémon with strong Ice and or Fighting moves) at the moment and going forward. :P
Some fire Pokemon include Pansear, Darumaka, Litwik, Heatmor, Larvesta, and Reshiram, though I don't know if you can catch any of them before the bug gym. I think you can also try replacing your Tranquill with a Woobat and using that Woobat to take care of grass and bug Pokemon.
I thnk the only one catchable at this moment is pansear. So it is the only option, unless you trade, hack or cheat something else.
Why would you need to take care of bug types if you've already beaten the bug gym?
I don't know the order of gyms, I love Black 2, but I have literally never watched anything on Black and White, but if this helps, if you catch a Litwick and evolve it, Chandelure is a REALLY good Pokémon to have for a Fire Type. I know that at level 38-I think, it learns Inferno, which is a really good move, but you do have to be kinda lucky. Also, I think it learns Overheat by level up. Hope this helped!

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Darumaka (Darmanitan).
Trust me, you won't regret. It has an insane Attack stat and good Speed. One Flare Blitz and it does around half damage to a Water or Rock type. But maybe don't use that very often, as the recoil is insane too. Superpower does stupid damage too, but use it as the last move as the Attack drop can come back and bite you. Darmanitan can also use really any physical attack well. You can find Darumaka on Route 4 (North of Castelia) and Desert Resort (inside of Route 4).

Ithas 105 HP meaning it can take quite some dmage form recoil
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Unfortunately, the only Fire-type you may get before the Bug gym is Pansear, who evolves in Simisear with the Fire Stone (which you can obtain in Castelia city, on the first dock, by talking to the first person you see.)

Howeve, having a Fire type (before the third gym in the least) is not really necessary. Against Burgh’s Leavanny, your Tranquill is largely enough to beat him. In White 2, I beat him with a Zubat :)

If you really want a good Fire type, you could choose Pansear, which you can get in the Dreamyard. Litwick is available only after the 5th badge, in the Celestial Tower on Route 7, but Chandelure is among the best Fire types of the game.

Larvesta and Volcarona are available only after the League, and Heatmor is available right on the Victory Road, which is a long way to go.

IMO, I prefer Chandelure. Decent speed, great Special Attack, Defense and Special Defense.
Access to nice moves. Litwick will take some time to evolve when you catch it in Celestial Tower, but I used it several times, and I think he’s totally worth it.

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Original post says he's already beaten Burgh right? He should be able to access Darumaka now, which is another good option.
It's possible to go to Route 4 and catch Darumaka before defeating Burgh.
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Chandelure is a wonderful choice. It is pretty tanky and has phenomenal Sp. Attack. You can give it Energy Ball or Solar Beam for coverage as well, since those are Special Attacks. I've played through White Version now, and now I can actually back myself up while saying Chandelure was definitely my best.

Darmanitan's physical attack is almost as good as Chandelure's special attack, but Darmanitan has much better speed. Darmanitan also learns belly drum.