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So my team consists of Darumaka, Munna, Drilbur, Tympole, and Deerling. I love both Pansage and Minccino and my Deerling already covers both Normal and Grass but I want one of the two. I've used Pansage in a run before in Pokemon X, and would like to use Minccino, but I'd feel really bad if I replaced him. So I guess, in the long run, would Minccoino or Pansage be better? Opinions are greatly appreciated as well lol

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Beginning Part:

I recently had a question like this (Lilligant, Serperior, or both?), so I'll tell you what I got from the answer to my question. My friend, MoonlitMadness, told me to keep my Serperior, and not my Lilligant. But, what happened then was I realized I wanted to keep my future Lilligant a little more than my future Serperior, and I knew that if I passed the option to get a Lilligant up, I would feel bad. So, by that answer, I realized what I wanted. You may want a Pansage a little more than a Minccino or a Minccino a little more than a Pansage. If you realize that you do, take the one that you feel that you want more.

My Opinion:
If you want to hear my opinion, I like Minccino more than Pansage.

The Facts:
Let's look at Minccino's and Pansage's evolutions to see what's better:

Cinccinos' Base stats:
Okay HP: 75
Good Attack: 95
Okay Defense: 60
Okay Special Attack: 65
Okay Special Defense: 60
Great Speed: 115
Total: 470

Cinccino's Weaknesses and Resistances:
Weak to Fighting
Ghost doesn't hit it at all

Simisage's Base Stats:
Okay HP: 75
Good Attack: 98
Okay Defense: 63
Good Special Attack: 98
Okay Special Defense: 63
Great Speed: 101
Total: 498

Simisage's Weaknesses and Resistances:
Weak to Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, and Bug types
Resistant to Water, Electric, Grass, and Ground types

So, if you're looking more for the base stats, Pansage is the one you should take, but if you're looking more for weaknesses and resistances, I would suggest Minccino. It's only weak to Fighting type, and Ghost can't hit it!

But, all in all, it's really your opinion on which one you should take. If you were asking me, I would take Minccino, hands down, because I like it's design better. But, like I said, it's your team, so you can do whatever you want.
I hope this helped! :)

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Weaknesses and resistances don't matter when the Pokemon's outspeeding and one-shotting most things, so I think offensive stats, offensive typing, and moves are more important than weaknesses and resistances.
Thank you so much! Ive decided to go with the cutsie Minccino. Sorry Jojo, (my Pansage XD) your gonna have to sit this one out.
Its good you went for minncinno becase if u wnt for pansgae, somehting like @sumwun said could have happened
The defenses are actually not that ok tho...
More like barely in the ok relm
@Madness Are you sure about that? Simisage's movepool doesn't look so bad.