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I have restarted my xy game to have the 3 starters and my favorite regional Pokemon but I realized that I needed a new Pokemon, I am checking which one is better and how early you can get them for example goomy is somewhat early game but noivern is really close to the eight gym and I know goodra is better because he is a pseudo legendary but noviern is a tough sweeper, so please help me, give you ideas and opinions that could help me.

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you do get goomy before the 6th gym i think, but pal, trust me it'll be a pain to train that goomy, even with the exp share. I do prefer goodra over noivern because of its special def.
I think Goodra is better because it's obtainable earlier.
Thanks you and everyone who gave me an idea of which one I would choose!!

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Goodra has better stats and isn't 4x weak to Ice. Goodra also has access to lots of great moves. And you can find a Goomy in your game long before you can fiind a Noibat. Obtaining a Goodra is tough though, Sliggoo only evolves at level 50 in rain (good luck! Goomy evolves into Sliggoo at level 40). Noibat evolves at level 48, until then you have to battle with these base stats. Noibat would probably faint all the time (mine did... Heh) and it's still 4x weak to Ice and you can obtain it only when your game is nearly finished. Noibats are also VERY hard to find and once you find them, they're very hard to catch. I'd know. If you give up on getting Goodra then don't continue your journey with a Sliggoo, catch and evolve a Noibat and use Noivern instead. I also suggest that you train Goodra/Noivern to be a special attacker. If you train Goodra in defense it could probably be even stronger.

Which is better: Goodra or Noivern? Goodra. But if you must then I guess... You can use Noivern.

I hope this helps!

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In my personal opinion, neither of them are good for an in-game team, but Goodra is probably the better one of the two. :P
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I think Noivern is better is better.

Has awesome speed.
Has more moves than Goodra.
Has 1 immune.
5 Resistances.
4 Weaknesses.
Better abilities. (My opinion)

Goodra has almost every stat better.
Gets more physical attacks, but has bad attack power.
4 resistances. (3 if has sap sipper and 1 immune)
3 Weaknesses.
Worse abilities. (My opinion)

Hope I helped!

I think being stronger than Goodra isn't very helpful when you can only use Noivern against the Pokemon League.