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In X/Y 873, Ash leaves Goodra to take care of the swamp. Did he release Goodra, or does Ash still officially own Goodra?


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Ash then decides that Goodra should stay behind at its homeland when he saw Goodra happy with its friends and has a tearful goodbye to Ash, hoping to meet again someday.

I'm pretty sure this is the equivalent of releasing a Pokémon. So no, he does not own Goodra anymore.
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well if ash or kenzo  owns goodra's pokeball to prevent some else to capture it, maybe he will return. If a pokemon is released it will have a special different glow when it comes out of its pokebal.
Well on Bulbapedia on the section Ash's Pokémon Goodra is no longer there so I'm guessing he doesn't own it
Could be any, also, you guys should not believe anything a fan made website tells, they're not professionals, if you want trustworthy information, seek in the official meedia, i already saw many wrong information in thoose websites, not only one or two wrong things, but almost  thirty. That's the best advice i can give.
A little salty are we?