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in various threads people say ash will release goodra, why would they think that? personly I think goodra is ash's best kalos Pokemon (untill frogadier evolves in greninja). it's a freaking pseudo-legendary after all.


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I think you just answered your own question. Regardless of other Pokemon in Ash possession Goodra is a powerful Pokemon. And the issue with having really strong Pokemon is that everything becomes to easy. If everything is easy, the show becomes boring and stale, as Ash can just blast Team Rocket away with a single hit. The most prominent example of this is Charizard, who's extreme power made it unfair to any and all who came across it. A show needs some variety, and struggle, to remain interesting (I haven't watched the show since early DPP, so I can't really tell if it's great or stagnant or bad). But I am absolutely sure that if Ash is in possession of such a powerful Pokemon he might leave it in some manner, not because it makes sense from his perspective, but because the show must go on and stagnation kill all media.

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he'll probably let it go like Butterfree,Let it go with its own kind.The reason is is they've done it a few times and where elsae will a Goodra go? :3
Is this really gonna happen? There's no official confirmation,not until episode 70 airs in Japan so don't lose hope just yet.Maybe goodra will choose to stay with ash.
Nothing is confirmed, but the possibility is still there.
he didn't release charizard, charizard went in training, so being powerfull is no reason. we also have infernape and sceptile. So those people just don't want ash to have a pseudo-legendary
By the logic of not wanting Ash to not have a pseudo legendary, they should've made Iris release Dragonite.
the episode where they come to goodra's home just aired and he didn't release goodra.
In the anime he probably is the same as pikachu strength-wise, since it's the anime.
just read bulbapedia he actually released goodra. this is really a downer. hopefully he will return for the league, but I don't think it will happen.