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I've been training my Metagross and I put it back in the PC last night to preserve the Pokerus, but when I got it out this morning it has the Star shape filled in. I didn't mark it. The other shapes:(Circle, Triangle, Square, Heart and Diamond) are not filled in. I know that the red star stands for shiny but what do the other shapes stand for and why did it mark itself?

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Is it a shiny metagross?
Lunataari :)

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They do not stand for anything

They are simply markings that can be used to sort Pokémon in their boxes, and do not have any special meaning:
If you are sure you didn't mark it with a star, then it could be that your Metagross was traded to you. When traded, Pokémon keep their marks, so this may explain why the star is filled, you may have not noticed the marking at first. If this is not the case, I don't know, they are not meant to fill automatically, so it is either a glitch or you are mistaken with something.

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Uselly people use these stars to mark what iv the pokemon has, its not a glitch
I hatched it from an egg. Yes, the symbols are used to Mark what IV the pokemon have....mine just did it randomly... :/
I know the markings themselves aren't a glitch, I use them myself sometimes, but it shouldn't mark aitomatically.