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Did some more GTS trading, decided that I wanted a 6-IV Ditto just in case I wanted to breed and eventually found one. When I check it in my box, I confirm that it has perfect IVs, then I see it has all these markings. I understand that the shapes are used for marking perfect stats, and the shiny marking was there because I got a shiny Ditto, but there were two more I didn't understand. A pink face with a neutral expression and a black clover-like shape. I'm assuming one of them means all perfect IVs or transferred through Pokemon Bank? I don't really know too much about markings, can I have confirmation on this?


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The pink face means the Pokemon had or has Pokerus, an infection that doubles its EV yield.

As for the clover:

The black clover (also known as the Alola symbol) is an origin mark that Pokémon obtained in the Nintendo 3DS Generation VII games have. Pokémon that were hatched, caught, or received as a gift in Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, or Ultra Moon have the black clover.


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