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Somewhere in Gen VI (darn you memory), there is a book that mentions Project AZOTH. What does AZOTH stand for and what is its significance?

iirc it was the magma hideout. Oh and I think this Reddit page pretty much sums it up https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemonconspiracies/comments/2o42dx/project_azoth/
I'd forgotten how much I loved that subreddit. You can answer if you want.

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AZOTH is an acronym. A stands for Alpha, O for Omega, and we don't know what "OTH" is for. It's possible it's Omnicron, Theta, and Heta, but it's also possible that the Regi trio's eye symbols match it (registeel is an O, regice is a T, and regirock's is an H).

The above pretty much sums it up. Fyi and omega is the last letter in the Latin alphabet So it counts for Z.


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Where's the Z in all of this?
Supposedly A means the beginning and Z means the end.
Ω means Z, so Z is the end.
You made a mistake A stands for alpha Z no one knows O omega TH no one  knows