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The other Regis have something in their names that represent them. Regirock has Rock, Registeel has Steel, Regice has Ice, Regigigas has... well it created the Regis, so it doesn't count. Regidrago has Dragon (Sorta.) So what about Regieleki? What is eleki? What's that supposed to be?

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Regieleki's japanese name is Regiereki. Ereki in Japanese means electricity. Eleki likely means the same thing.

"Regieleki and Regiereki may be a combination of regis (Latin for royal) and エレキ ereki (Japanese for electric)."

Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Regieleki_(Pokémon)#Name_origin

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I'm also pretty sure Regigigas is "Regi gigantic". They can't just put regigigantic, of course, because they could put rock, ice, steel, and dragon (kinda) or the other regis but they can't with this one so they shortened the gigantic to gigas, which makes me think it deserves a gigantimax.
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This is how I interpret it, just like Regidrago it's similar but not completely the same.

Oh, and:

Name origin
Regieleki and Regiereki may be a combination of regis (Latin for royal) and エレキ ereki (Japanese for electric).


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Probably Electric
The "eleki" in Regieleki's name probably stands for electric. Eleki already sounds like electric. Game Freak may have changed it into eleki to be a bit different. I mean, Regilectric makes sense too, but I think Game Freak made it "eleki", as in electric.

Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Regieleki_(Pokémon)#Name_origin

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"Game Freak probably changed it into eleki to be a bit different"

This is called a corruption, where someone takes a word and makes it look different :P
Ok, but it may be true.