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I'm not finding very many Pokemon with the fishing rod, so I'm wondering what the chance is to find a Pokemon with a fishing rod

It's 69%
I really cannot be bothered checking serebii. Make your lead pokemon inkay with suction cups and your chance rises over 90%.

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OK, I couldn't find any sites that told the exact percentage for reeling a Pokemon, so I did a survey, the following are the results.

When just normally fishing, I fished 50 times. 34 times I reeled a Pokemon, and 16 times I didn't. Then I times them both by 2 to get it out of 100.

34 x 2 = 68
16 x 2 = 32

Now that it is out of 100, we can see that as Gligurr said it is around 69%, so around 70%.

Next is for fishing near a rock. I also fished 50 times for this and out of 50 I reeled a Pokemon every time.
This means that fishing close to a rock has a 100% chance to reel a Pokemon, or at least very close at around 97% or something like that. this means you don't need a Suction Cups Pokemon to chain fish.

I can't give any exact percentages, but this is probably accurate.

Hope I helped!

Source: The above surveys

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Which rocks do you mean? Is it just like if there's a rock on the land by the water and you fish next to it, the chance is 100%?
There needs to be a rock next to tile where your "hook" lands.
OK. Is that 1 tile in front of you?
Or side to side, ex:
# $ #

The "$" is the hook, and the "#"s are the rocks
Yes Noby, the hook lands 1 tile in front of you.