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In my game, Pokemon SoulSilver, I traveled to route 48 and talked to my Umbreon. Then he looked toward the top of the screen and gave the message "Hm? It seems like it heard roaring in the distance!" anyone know what it means?

It's not on there :O i even used ctrl+g (on Chrome)
Hmmm-I don't know yeh I can't find it either
Tyrek, help us out here. was that the exact sentence? did it say it again when you talked to it?
Terlor, I'm pretty sure it's the right dialogue, or else it wouldn't appear on &Psychic x's link.
What we really need to look for are the conditions of his location.

So Tyrek, was there anything in particular about the environment around you?
Were the 2 legendary dogs roaming around on your map the time this happened?
Were you in tall grass at the time your Pokemon reacted this way?

We need more information in order to figure out how this occurred, if there was any reason for it occurring.
I apologize for the wait.  The details include
-route 48(in the corner near trees in front of a sign standing next to a bridge just south of Safari )
-talked to my recently evolved Umbreon and it gave the message I typed in quotes above, also it looked toward the top of the screen before giving the message
-both Entei and Raikou had been caught a week prior
-I wasn't in grass, I was standing between the corner of trees and a mountain and had the sign to my bottom left
Have you caught Lugia yet?

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This message has no meaning, like some other messages listed. You do not get anything from getting this message. Maybe an indicator that a Wild Pokemon is nearby.

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GJ Mike. Just a thought when you said "maybe an indicator that a wild Pokémon is nearby", but do you think it has anything to do with the Legendary Beasts since it is Soul Silver?
I'm actually playing Heartgold Right now. I could try it out and confirm whether or you're right, Sir Dan. Though I wouldn't test it out until tyrek confirms that.
It's a weird message and I don't think it has "no meaning" though it might.  And since it exclaimed "roaring in the distance " I don't think it's very likely that it was just a nearby Pokemon
I can pretty much guarantee you that this is the correct answer. The message is just there purely to please people and keep them interested, it doesn't mean anything nor does it do anything.