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Okay so in X&Y, I save my game right next to the Day-Care Man. After saving, I pick up my egg and hatch it. I get a male Eevee (I want female) and I check its IVs and they're all perfect IVs, all 6 stats.

I soft reset the game, pick up the egg again and hatch it. Same male eevee with the same ability and all 6 perfect ivs.

I thought in older games, the egg gets its nature/abilities/ivs determined ONCE you pick up the egg. So why is it that when I save before talking to the Day-Care Man and then reset, I still end up with the same result?

Did the mechanics for resetting eggs change?

I've currently done this 5 times. I really doubt I could land a perfect 6 iv male Eevee with anticipation 5 times in a row.


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In X and Y, the IVs that are passed down from the parents(when holding a Destiny Knot) are predetermined, even before you put the eggs in. This has been abused by breeders since they can find out what IVs will get passed down and then soft reset and put the appropriate parents in. Once you receive an egg you cannot soft reset to get different natures or abilities, and since IVs stay the same even if you soft reset and keep receiving it from the daycare man, I presume everything about the Pokemon is already set, but at a later stage than IVs.

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