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If it is I must not see it they are weak as level one gibles

Why do you say Garchomp is weak? It has awesome attack and good speed, a fantastic physical sweeper.
He would be better with D-dance becuase his speed isn't high enough so you must resort to the limiting choice scarf.

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Yes he is all pokemon with the total base stat of 600 that are not legendary are Psuedo Legendaries other ones are Dragonite, Tyranitar, Metagross, Salamence, and the new three headed dark dragon in B/W

Note: Slaking is not a psuedo legendary becuase of his ability truant
They also tend to come right after the legendary trio of that series in the pokedex i.e. Dragonite's evolution family is right after zapdos
The Dark-Dragon is called Sazandora(Japanese)
the new dark dragon is hydreigon.