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According to Bulbapedia, it does, however it does NOT work on showdown, so can somebody test it in-game please?

To be more specific, lets say Florges is in a double battle, allied with Krookodile.
In the specific situation that didnt work in showdown when I thought it should have, Florges uses moonblast and is holding an assault vest (its a weird strategy OK?), and then Krookodile uses Fling, and flings its king's rock, and then nothing happens. The opponents used regular attacking moves with no relevent secondary effects, though I dont remember what they were specifically, so I dont think they had anything to do with it. I checked to make sure the ability actually works by giving them both berries, and when Krookodile ate his, florges gave him her berry. Is it perhaps impossible for symbiosis to pass an assault vest? Or does it not actually work with fling? Or maybe showdown has the mechanics wrong?

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It probably does work in-game, Showdown! is probably wrong.
actually did you try Symbiosis on a double battle on Showdown? because symbiosis works for Double battles :I
Actually it won't work at all, because the Flabebe line can't learn fling :P
So, no.
Source: experience
He wants someone to test it in-game.
I cant even test this since Florges doesnt get fling and Showdown doesnt  have custom doubles :/
wait, but doesn't symbiosis work if the partner uses fling not if florges uses it?
I thought it went without saying that I meant with a partner using fling, considering that it cant learn fling and symbiosis is a double battle ability....
I don't think fling gives it to the other pokemon unless it's like a sticky barb

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I too was curious about this, so I decided to test this in Pokémon X. In an attempt to be as accurate as possible I recreated the situation you described to the best of my ability - I caught a Floette with the ability Symbiosis and taught a Krookodile Fling. I then traveled to Restaurant Le Nah in Lumiose city for a quick Double Battle. The first turn Krookodile used Fling and flung its King's Rock. Symbiosis immediately did its thing. The Assault Vest was transferred from Florges to Krookodile.

It seems that Symbiosis and Fling work perfectly fine together as Bulbapedia states. The problem you experienced on Showdown is likely either a glitch or programming mistake.

Hope this helped.

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