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I have lost all contact with reality

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Oh please, this is Pokemon we're talking about here. You expected it to be realistic?

About half of what happens in the Pokemon Anime, Games and Manga makes no sense whatsoever.
Here's some more flawless Pokemon logic in the form of memes;

This is Gamefreak and Nintendo we're talking about here.

Deal with it.

Wailmer broke the laws of space, time, gravity and everything else imaginable. Problem?

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There's actually a reason Yanmega can't learn Fly - it's a thin bug, which is probably very light and wouldn't be able to carry a person across an entire region.
Just felt I should note that. It doesn't put you down at all though Sempi. :P
Starly and pidgey can learn fly, so I don't see a reason y yanmega shouldn't... Js
This six-legged Pokémon is easily capable of transporting an adult in flight. The wings on its tail help it stay balanced.

Note the 'easily capable of transporting an adult in flight'

You were saying Indi?
The author tries to make sense of everything in the manga, so kudos to Hidenori Kusaka,
That last comic really bugged me, actually.
Never should anyone be using an Ultra ball.
Really? Is that it's Pokedex Entry, Sempi?
Yeah, Game Freak is pretty stuffed up if it says that and it can't learn Fly. xD
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It's a game. You just have to use you imagination. Pokémon is unrealistic, like how Snorlax fits in a Poke Ball.

Actually the reason why they invented the pokeball is to transport pokemon so snorlax in a pokeball is normal.