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I want to complete the Sinnoh pokedex, but I have learned that you can only capture Drifloon on Fridays during the daytime at Valley Windworks. Is there any easier and quicker way to capture Drifloon, or at least find it so it is entered into the pokedex?
Help will be appreciated where given. Thank you.


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Yes, there a easier way, well sort of. Change your DS date to next Friday. Go to Valley Windworks and it should work. If not you can set it to next Thursday and wait a day. Hope I helped! :)

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Thank you
you are the best…… if this works
if he's going to change the ime why would he change it to thursday? mightasweel change it to friday
Well excussse me, Kawaii! I said if it didn't work!
I am just glad to help! If you want, you can best anwser me! Than it could help me too! ;)
this so worked
I have an idea:
Won't you be able to keep resetting the system time to the same friday overhand over again?
why? so you could catch a bunch of Drifbloons?
I am not sure but you can give it a try! Good Luck! Also thanks for best answering me! Yay my first best answer! :)
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Simply, no.
You can see one in the 5th gym though.

in the 5th gym, if you answer all the questions incorrectly and enter the wrong doors, one of them has a Driftloon

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Thank you
I am soooooooo happyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I felt like i did not have to go all the way to valley windworks
No …………….
I was just dying to finish the pokedex.