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I was looking on Showdown and saw this guy in OU. My question is: Why is he there? Swampert outclasses him in pretty much every way.



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While Quagsire is yet another example of a bulky Water-type, it does have a few advantages that put it above the rest. Most notably, its typing grants it only one weakness, Grass-type attacks, and its ability Unaware ignores the opponents' stat boosts; this allows Quagsire to take on physical setup sweepers easily, and simplifies prediction massively, as Quagsire does not have to wearily play around these foes. Quagsire is further aided in this role by its access to Recover. It holds the advantage of being able to beat the common Bisharp and Mega Charizard X, two Pokemon that Clefable can't hope to beat, giving Quagsire a recognizable niche on stall in the metagame.

Quagsire can take on many common S-Rank threats such as Physical Aegislash and Mega Charizard X with access to great abilities in Unaware and Water Absorb and moves like Recover or Infestation, making it a great check to many common threats with its great physical bulk and typing, leaving it with only 2 weaknesses (Grass and Freeze-Dry).

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mention how it used to be one of stalls only ways to deal with BP o3o
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I believe that Quagsire is OU because of his capabilities of being a defensive wall. Quagsire's Hidden Ability is Unaware, where it makes it so that it ignores all positive and negative stat changes of the opposing Pokémon (excluding Speed). Quagsire also has access to the moves Stockpile and Recover, allowing it to set up both Defense and Special Defense boosts in front of people's faces and then regain most of its HP back with Recover. Quagsire can stall with Toxic, or try to fish for a burn when using Scald. Basically, Quagsire does what Swampert doesn't. Either way, I think Quagsire is a great Pokémon and deserves to be in OU. I hope this helped!