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This might be a stupid question, but I was wondering when Mawile first comes out and its Intimidate ability takes effect, does that ability still take effect after Mega Evolution?

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When you send out regular Mawile, its Intimidate activates and the opponent's Attack falls. When it's Mega Evolved, it loses the intimidate ability and gains Huge Power.

However, the opponent's attack drop remains after the Mega Evolution.

The thing that changes is that if you switch Mawile out and then switch back in, it won't lower the opponent's attack (it would if it still had Intimidate) because that ability is gone.

Hopefully this answers your question.

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Yes, it does.

Intimidate activates right after you send it out, so it will take effect before you even Mega Evolve and it stays until the opponent switches out.

Source: Playing with Mega Mawile a lot
Hope I helped. :]

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Mega evolutions gain new abilities. Mawile will have huge power, Instead of lowering the foes attack, it will boost yours. Mawile will NOT have the ability"Intimidate" nor it's effects.
However, intimidate happens at the start of the battle. It depends on what you mean.

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